Considered as the heart of Africa, Tanzania is a paradise for adventure lovers. From the highest free-standing peak of the world – Kilimanjaro, to witnessing the great migration unfolding in front of you, Tanzania has something for every type of holidaymaker.

Why Tanzania should be in every traveller’s bucket list?

  • Experience ecotourism & culture
  • In the Serengeti, witness Tanzania’s Great Wildebeest Migration
  • Discover Tanzania’s Authentic & Diverse Adventure Activities
  • Enjoy Premier National Parks & Off-Beat Locations In Game Reserves & Private Conservation Areas
  • Take a vacation to a Zanzibar island or a beach in Tanzania and experience an Indian Ocean beach vacation that is distinctive.
  • Take A Specialized Chimpanzee Safari Through The Mountains Of Mahale & Gombe
  • Take part in Marine Life Safaris & Underwater Sea Voyages

Best Time to travel

Activity wise

  • Adventure activities: year round
  • Safari: Winter (May – September) Cool and dry, vegetation less dense, animals easier to spot, animals gather at water sources & are on the move
  • Whale-watching: July to October only


  • Lower in winter, good deals available throughout South Africa
  • Easter/Christmas: peak seasons, very crowded, availability limited, prices very high
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